Erudient Displeasure Neon Metallic Abyss Unspeakable Seasons Nameless Untold Spaces Limitless Aeons of Form Preternatural Glow Vibrant Cyclopean Architecture Luminous Clusters Ophidian Abstraction Inexplicable Twilight Reasonable Vertigo Swaying Frequent Episodes Corridors Outside of Time Delusional Frequencies Non-Euclidean Geometries Axioms of Unmeasurable Depth Inorganic Quantities Formless Intersecting Planes Intricacies of Doubt Forward Without Warning Functional Deviations Short of Nothing Within Vistas Blindness Occurs Amorphous Clusters Unidentified Variables Ceaseless Vibratory Light Catalytic Newtonian Operettas Prismatical Ecovirus Oceanic Detritus Gravities Gentle Lies Deify Centipedial Functions Sudden Transparencies in Time Whispered Eldritch Atmospheres